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I'm a photographer and printmaker who uses an iPhone and iPad to create fine art and tell compelling stories. I've taught art photography and photojournalism while exhibiting and publishing for over four decades. These days I teach mobile photography and smartphone art. It's been 4 years since I took up mobile photography (aka iPhoneography, mobileography, mobile art, iPhone photography, smartphone art, iPhone art). I use only an iPhone 5S to help me see what's right in front of me and often paint what I'm feeling about it right in my camera. I'm positively entranced with the magic of carrying a camera, a studio, and a global exhibition space - right in my pocket! This is my art blog. Use the nav bar to browse my current work, learn about my workshops and mobile artist mentoring program, or discuss a commission.

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She Says In A Past Life She Was a Mobster’s Mistress. (C) 2014, Meri Aaron Walker, iPhoneArtGirl, Talent, OR. All rights reserved.

Featured today at Art of Mob - iPhone Photography: Mob Street Tuesday No. 6 

 It’s delightful for me that my street shot of Armineh Hovesian outside the gallery at NEM-EX KC has been included this week in the Mob Street Showcase at The Art of Mob.

Geri is giving some useful pointers about street shooting in this post this week. A great read for folks who want to get more of what they want when they’re shooting on the street. 

NEM Most Wanted Visionaries, September ‘14 Selection.

I’m always honored to be part of these monthly publications of edgy mobile art curated by Andrea Bigiarini, founder of the New Era Museum.

Andrea has such a fascinating eye in his curatorial process. Do take a look:


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